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Category:Surveying Category:Surveying instrument standards Category:Technical drawing tools Category:Land surveying instruments Category:Surveying equipment Category:Woodworking tools Category:Test equipment Category:Plane geometry Category:Projective geometry Category:Apparatus Category:Technical drawing tools Category:Woodworking measurement toolsSSZ-217 SSZ-217 (4,5,7,8-tetrahydro-3,8-dimethyl-6-nitro-1H-pyrrolo[3,2-b]pyrazine) is a drug which acts as an antagonist of the NMDA receptor. It was first synthesized by Sung-Shik Oh and associates in 1984 and patented in the same year. It has potent anticonvulsant properties and has shown high efficacy against animal models of epilepsy and cognition. References Category:Drugs acting on the nervous systemSynergistic effects of nanobubbles with electric fields for delivering insulin to hepatic cells. Nanobubbles are gas-filled microbubbles having a diameter of 100-200nm. These bubbles are used in ultrasound contrast imaging as they have a much greater surface area to volume ratio than conventional microbubbles. We have examined the synergistic effects of such nanobubbles in combination with an electric field on the loading of insulin in the hepatic cells. Cell-free nanobubbles of negative zeta potential were prepared by coating dextran sulfate on the surface of a glass tube. The nanobubbles loaded insulin effectively. The loading efficiency was significantly increased by using a uniform electric field of 11kV/cm for 10min. We next examined the effect of nanobubbles on the loading of insulin in the hepatic cells. Cell-free nanobubbles were perfused through the monolayer of hepatic cells at 0.1ml/min for 10min. The uptake of insulin in the cells was enhanced with the loading of nanobubbles. This phenomenon was significantly increased by an electric field (11kV/cm). The uptake of insulin was not significantly increased when only the perfusion of the nanobubbles was performed. These results suggest that the loading of insulin into cells can be enhanced by the use of nanobubbles in combination with an electric field, which can be utilized to load protein drugs into cells for various purposes.





Astm G99 05 Pdf Free

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